I'm a software engineer with a background in distributed systems, scalability and data plumbing.

I work as a Principal Software Engineer at Adevinta. My team supports product engineering teams (~1500 people) accross the largest marketplaces in EU and LATAM. Our mission is to remove the burden of operating infrastructure so they can focus on delivering more business value, faster. We achieve that providing domain expertise and with IaaS / PaaS tooling, and quantifiable insights into cost, efficiency, and productivity.

Prior to that I built distributed virtual networks at Midokura, data infrastructure for telcos at Zhilabs, and backend systems for some high volume internet sites (Last.fm, Tuenti.) For more details check my LinkedIn profile. I'm based in Barcelona.

I do some OSS occasionally, based on job needs and/or interest. If you're curious, here are some PRs to Knative, Envoy, Spinnaker, RxJava, Dropwizard metrics, Tuenti's fork of GeoIp. At Midokura we made most of our development OSS, here is the Midonet git log.

These are some things I wrote:

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